We have a passion for education facilities for both K-12 and higher education. Our performance venue design skills make us experts in presentation settings that help us to create some very complicated systems and make them appear simple to the end user. Our team strives to educate our clients and their students with every technology solution.

Your Auditorium: The Heart of Your School

If you’re lucky enough to have an auditorium at your location, you know it’s where the “magic” happens. For many students, their school’s auditorium is where they’re introduced to the performing arts for the first time. Whether they’re audience members or part of the production, many students’ lives are forever changed in their school’s auditorium.

What kinds of things normally take place in a school auditorium? Here are just a few:

  • Student assemblies
  • Lectures
  • Award presentations
  • Dramatic performances
  • Musical productions
  • Concerts
  • Dance recitals
  • Debates

The way your students are introduced to the performing arts for the first time will heavily influence their feelings about live performances. If your auditorium is equipped to accommodate different kinds of performances, it increases the likelihood that your students will have a positive experience with the performing arts no matter what kind of show they see first. If your auditorium doesn’t have the right equipment to support a variety of shows, your students might be hesitant to watch or participate in upcoming performances.

As the heart of your school, the auditorium is the natural place for student assemblies and guest lectures. As it is with performances, the forum in which these events take place must be properly equipped for them to have the desired impact. Not having the appropriate auditorium lighting design can affect the credibility of the person delivering the assembly presentation or lecture and prevent the individual’s audience from absorbing the relevant information.

The Importance of Auditorium Lighting Design and Audio Systems

The way the audio and lighting in your auditorium is set up can have a big impact on every single event that takes place in your auditorium. For this reason, it’s critical that your auditorium lighting is designed to enhance the activities that take place in your auditorium, not detract from them.

Imagine this: Your auditorium is scheduled to be the host site for a play that opens with a soliloquy delivered by a student-actor who is supposed to be illuminated in a spotlight for dramatic effect. But your auditorium isn’t equipped with a spotlight. Do you think that will affect the tone of the entire production? Of course it will.

Similarly, if you have a dynamic guest speaker scheduled to deliver a powerful presentation to your student body, do you think there’s a greater chance the person’s main points will be missed if you can’t light the stage appropriately? Or if the back of the room can’t hear due to a poor audio system. To make sure audience members get the most out of the guest lectures and every other event that take places in your auditorium, you must seek out auditorium lighting design and audio systems that truly augments your events.

Spire AVL: Your Solution for Auditorium Lighting Design in Pennsylvania, Virginia and Beyond

At Spire AVL, we know your auditorium is as unique as the activities that take place there. That’s why we provide auditorium lighting design in NYC and other locations that are customized to each property we work with. We know that what worked for one school won’t necessarily be the right lighting setup for your facility, which is why we’ll talk to you about your specific lighting needs and develop a plan that addresses each and every one of them.

We don’t just say your auditorium lighting design is important — we believe it! We want every event that occurs in your auditorium to be as successful as possible, but that can only happen if you have the best lighting design for your individual property.

From auditorium lighting design in Washington, DC, and Virginia to auditorium lighting design in Pennsylvania, New York and beyond, we have the expertise and experience to create a dynamic auditorium lighting design for your location and you and your students will enjoy the benefits of an enhanced experience every time you attend an event in your auditorium as an audience member or performer. Ready to transform your university or K-12 auditorium space? Contact Spire AVL for more information or a free consultation now!