We understand how important it is to highlight the game, or talent, visiting your facility. That’s why our entertainment venue lighting consultants ensure our custom designs match your goals and deliver the experience your audience expects.

Excite Fans With Sound, Entertainment and Lighting

Sports fans and concert attendees rely on quality lighting, sound and visuals to immerse themselves. We understand that. That’s why our innovative concert and sports lighting designs feature quality fixtures that light up the arena, while still respecting your budget. Our approaches to your venue’s audio, video and control systems follow the same pattern to achieve your goals.

Through a customized design for your entertainment venue, you can deliver an enhanced viewing experience for audiences. At concerts, fans without front row tickets can hear their favorite singer or musician with ease through your quality audio setup, while also watching the artist on your entertainment screens. A similar experience is given to people attending a game. They’ll see and hear every play without issue, which results in a positive experience, return visitors, and more business.

How AVL Components Benefit Your Entertainment Venue

A quality AVL system does more than benefit your patrons. With quality lighting, audio and entertainment components, your facility becomes flexible. You have the capabilities to host different events, which can help you keep your facility full throughout the seasons. Additional bookings by sports teams and entertainment acts can also result in increased revenue and a greater return on your investment (ROI).

Through LED fixtures for your sports lighting, you can also lower your energy bills as LEDs have a lower power draw. Another advantage of improved lighting is the boost it gives to your venue’s reputation. On the performance side, you’ll ensure an unmatched viewing experience for guests to enjoy the event no matter their seats. And on the risk management side, with well-lit venue areas, you increase and promote your facility’s safety to fans, employees, athletes and entertainers. This brand boost can also contribute to raised revenue by encouraging more people to visit your location and increased event bookings.

Integrate Lighting, Entertainment and Sound With Spire AVL

At Spire AVL, our entertainment venue lighting consultants have helped entertainment venues across the country and in major metropolitan areas on the East Coast, such as in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania, achieve their AVL vision. Unlike other stadium lighting companies, we provide a customized AVL solution. All our designs are one-of-a-kind and tailored to each of our clients’ unique needs, wants and goals.

We also focus on delivering more than a design, but a 360-degree service. In addition to providing your design, we also handle the processes of installing your system and offering training for your staff. Even after launch day, we’re still available to answer questions and offer advice. Find out more about our nationwide services and free consultations by contacting us today.