We understand how important highlighting and preserving a piece of history or an artifact can be. Our team takes extra care to tell a story with each exhibit space that we design.

Let Us Help You Tell the Stories Within Your Walls

Whether it’s a museum in Washington, DC, an exhibit space in New York, or anything in between, we know it’s important to do more than simply relay basic facts about the artifacts you have on display. We know we need to engage your visitors so they feel like they’re experiencing your subject matter. The best way to achieve that is to tell the stories that exist between your museum’s walls using technology.

Today’s gallery and museum visitors want more than a simple history lesson or a rundown of an artwork’s background. They want an experience. And our art gallery lighting and museum lighting design, coupled with our other AVL components, delivers just that: A remarkable experience filled with unforgettable stories.

We use several important AVL components that help tell the stories between the walls of your gallery, including:

As museum lighting designers, we often use gallery lighting to create a dramatic effect in an exhibit space or to highlight a certain aspect of a display item. With our gallery lighting design team, it’s possible to create a separate atmosphere for each display or set the tone for an entire room that people will experience as a story continues to unfold from exhibit to exhibit.

Using Audio & Video in Museums

Whether we design exhibit space for a large museum or small community exhibit space, we often use video and audio in addition to a gallery lighting design to tell the stories of your artifacts and display items. We typically integrate video into the flow of a museum rather than isolate it in a separate room. By integrating video into the overall flow, we’re able to tell stories about individual artifacts and explain how they relate to one another. In other words, we’re able to tell stories in a progression that makes up an entire tale.

Audio is another important aspect that can be integrated into exhibit space designs. The use of audio allows us to verbally tell a story using things like period-specific speech and sound effects. These audio touches enhance the experience your visitors have and help them establish emotional connections with the things they’re seeing and the stories they’re witnessing.

How AVL Components Highlight Your Artifacts

While it may be obvious that putting a spotlight on an artifact will highlight it, savvy curators know that simply shining a light on a featured display isn’t enough to make an artifact stand out. The only way to make a given display truly memorable and meaningful to today’s museum visitors is to engage them. And the most effective way you can do that is by using multiple AVL components to involve as many of your visitors’ senses as possible.

Highlighting your artifacts is more involved than it used to be, which is why it is our goal to help you enhance the storytelling and visitor experience of your museum and exhibit space.

Working With Spire AVL for Museum Lighting Design

When you choose Spire AVL for your AVL needs, you’ve chosen a partner that’s dedicated to telling the stories between the walls of your museum or gallery the way they deserve to be told. From exhibit design to AVL integration, we always design with your priorities and the preferences of your visitors in mind at all times.

Spire AVL provides museum lighting design services for museums and exhibit spaces in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, and across the nation. Contact Spire AVL today to learn more about what it’s like to work with a partner who’s committed to sharing the stories housed in your museum or gallery the way your visitors want them to be told today.