Bethany Lutheran Church – Austin, TX


Spire AVL worked with Bethany Lutheran Church to design a new video solution for the main sanctuary.  Previously, two old 4:3 ratio side screens were located to the extremes of the platform which took focus away from the Pastor when referencing notes or when worshipping.  The screens were initially placed at the extremes because the organ speakers needed to be placed nearer to the stage center.  The organ speakers were hidden behind grill cloth since the original construction of the church sanctuary.

In our design, we explored many options, but chose to remove the organ grill cloth therefore revealing the organ speaker lofts.  We then installed very large perforated 16:9 video screens over the organ speaker lofts so that very little acoustical repercussions would be made concerning the organ.  Two new HD Barco RLS W12 12,000 Lumen projectors were installed to adequately display video content on the perforated screens.  Video distribution is handled by Crestron DM products.