Community Christian Fellowship – Carlisle, PA

Spire AVL worked with Community Christian Fellowship to design a new LED house lighting solution.  The church previously had chandeliers that took several lamps and provided indirect and direct light throughout the room.  The directional down light was concentrated on a small area directly underneath each chandelier which created intense hotspots throughout the seating area.  To update the room aesthetically and provide brighter, even light coverage, Spire suggested that the lights be lifted closer to the ceiling.

In addition, fine grain dimming and control was required.  The building has no access space above the ceiling making it a very difficult to run additional control cables for either 0-10V control or DMX.  It became clear that a wireless solution was required.  Spire specified ETC GDS 4 Cell Round fixtures.  These fixtures allow for individual control wirelessly using ArcSystem ArcMesh protocol.  Spire also replaced the wall sconces with a dimmable LED fixture from Modern Forms (Asgard) that provides uplight and downlight along the sides of the space.

To make the other fixtures dimmable via DMX, Spire installed a DMX low power LED dimmer.  And to control all of the devices as well as add control stations around the space, Spire specified an ETC Echo control system using a DMX Scene Controller and Echoflex wireless button stations.  These button stations run off of kinetic energy which is created during the button press, making these a truly wireless solution.  Detailed control of the space is achieved when using the EchoAccess App on a mobile device.

In the end, the entire space was converted to LED and a lighting control system was installed.  An average of 30FC of light across the sanctuary allows congregants to see clearly and fine grain dimming allows for smooth transitions in time of worship.