DL Trophy Room – Morgantown, WV


Spire was contracted by Wildlife Studios, LLC to provide design and technical services for a high-end trophy room in a private hunting museum. The client wanted a full environment including regionally accurate audio and realistic lighting and audio changes reflecting time of day shifts, including a simulated thunderstorm. He also wanted sensors around the room which could make things happen such as roaring lions and an animatronic crocodile tail whip back and forth.

We provided overall technical design which included a custom touchscreen built into a tree trunk, a complete custom control system based around a Medialon ShowMaster controller, over 10 channels of synchronized and triggered audio playback using devices from Gilderfluke and others, and many hours of custom electronics design and system programming. A combination conventional track lighting and color mixing LED fixtures allow full shifts in color is the time of day shifts from daytime to sunset to night and back again, and large subwoofers hidden behind the scenery provide enough horsepower for the thunderstorm to rattle the neighborhood. A Look Solutions Viper S fog machine creates controlled puffs of smoke which waft out of the chimney of the Alaskan hunting shack.

Spire’s most recent update to the system included over 120 Darklight Gantom DMX RGBW and DW fixtures, ETC Source4 Minis for texture, ETC Selador Vivid Ice fixtures, and ChromaQ Colorforce 12 fixtures. Streaming control playback was provided by Interactive Technologies CueServer products.

“Spire was able to create an incredibly immersive environment without distraction from lighting fixtures. Their selection of fixture placement and color really brought their work to life and I am very happy our ultra compact luminaries were chosen to create the magic.”

Quan Gan, Owner – Gantom Lighting and Controls