First Baptist Rockport – Rockport, TX

Spire AVL worked with First Baptist Rockport to design a new lighting system for their main sanctuary.  When conversations first began with First Baptist Rockport’s team, the primary issues with the current lighting system included fixture heat concern and failing controls.

Spire suggested that new fixtures be installed to solve the fixture heat issue.  The new fixtures needed to have various lensing options to account for the sloped ceiling and spacing of existing fixtures.  With this, something that had adjustable pan/tilt was needed to ensure that the fixtures were focused correctly due to the sloped ceilings.  In addition, adding new control cabling would be difficult and costly due to the lack of ceiling access.

Spire turned to the adjustable ETC GDS Pro One-Cell.  This fixture fit all of the requirements.  The new houselight fixtures provided an even 25FC of light throughout the seating along with smooth dimming to 0%.  ArcMesh engineered by ETC/GDS allowed us to create a stable wireless system.  The system included 82 One-Cell fixtures and 6 ETC Source 4WRD Ellipsoidal fixtures to light the platform.  To get DMX signal to the Source 4WRDs, an ETC ColorSource Relay Transmitter and two ETC ColorSource Wireless Relays were installed.  

For control of the lighting, Spire designed an ETC Echo system.  Spire used Echo Inspire button stations at all primary doorways and in the tech booth.  EchoAccess was also installed to provide more detailed control for technical staff and volunteers.  The house light system was configured using the TX-1 Transmitter which allowed digital zoning of the installed fixtures without changing the wiring at the breaker panel or within the ceiling.