First Presbyterian Church of Ambler – Ambler, PA

Spire AVL worked with First Presbyterian Church of Ambler to design a new video and lighting solution for the main sanctuary.  Previously, a 4:3 ratio projector was used on the right wall of the platform.  With the setup, the lighting on the platform in front of the image and the wall had to be turned off to see the projected image.  To solve this issue, an ambient light rejection screen was installed along with an 8000 lumen laser projector.  The improvement was drastic.  So much that a group of congregants thought they were looking at a large TV or a video wall.  

As part of the renovation project, Spire upgraded and added the house lighting and the theatrical lighting in the sanctuary.  Spire was tasked to design a house lighting system which needed to meet several needs.   The chandeliers which had been in the space were causing sightline issues of the projection area from the balcony.  Spire designed a model of the space to ensure proper lighting levels, coverage, and zone control.  To best meet all of these needs, Spire chose the GDS line by Electronic Theatre Controls.  Independent internal dimming, DMX control, a 2700K color temperature option, and various optic choices made the GDS series a great fit for this solution.

 Spire designed a full theatrical lighting system to light the platform.  Various ellipsoidals and wash fixtures were needed and accurate color tuning was a top priority to achieve various atmospheres between each service type held at the church.  Spire designed the theatrical lighting layout and worked with Kimmel-Bogrette Architecture to ensure that the fixtures were hidden as best as possible.  The ColorSource Spots serve as the primary front light fixtures and the ColorSource PARs serve as a backlight wash.

With independent control over every fixture in the sanctuary, Spire was able to create dynamic lighting presets and service cue lists.  An ETC Paradigm architectural processor was used as the main processor along with a Crestron touchscreen and various button stations around the room.  An ETC ColorSource console provides a simple user interface for updating programming and to allow for indepth control of all the fixtures.