Freedom Village at Brandywine – Coatesville, PA

Brookdale Senior Living decided it was time to update the appearance of their primary multi-purpose space and tasked Spire with upgrading their Audio, Video, Lighting, and Curtain Systems. The one request was to maintain the classical-contemporary style that the residents felt comfortable with while fully integrating technology in the space. This space serves as a hub for many of their weekly activities including Sunday morning church services, daily exercise classes and frequent evening entertainment brought in from around the country. Spire’s solution was to provide a touch control system that gave any resident or staff member the power to immediately setup an event with the touch of a button preset.

The struggle with any multi-use system is designing it to be perfect for every occasion. However, as the multi- purpose room had a stage at one end and a hardwood floor at the other, a solution was needed for meeting the audio needs regardless of the application or event. The idea was to create an interactive touch control system that would allow any user to quickly and easily set the room for their events needs. This system allowed us to meet each and every persons individuals requests without have a professional technician standing by. It was determined that several audio systems needed to be coupled as one to meet the multi-use needs. The system also needed to be managed remotely, so that Spire team members can assist the community by updating presets and as a way to support the system without being on-site weekly.

The central touch control system was installed next to the existing tech booth so that any volunteer resident and/or staff member could easily, without the use of the sound or lighting console, control all of the technology systems with the push of a button. These systems include: a performance audio system, a distributed audio system, stage lighting, house lighting, video system including projection screen, and motorized curtains. At each entrance and on stage, lighting control button stations were installed for simple control of lighting. Finally, training was completed for each and every one of the volunteer residents and staff members to make the transition to a new system as smooth as possible.

“Spire brought our auditorium into the 21st They assessed our needs and presented a solution that is user friendly and cutting edge at the same time. They have a knack for understanding the end user, in our case, senior citizens as well as our staff members.”

Yordanos Tela, IT Business Analyst – Rydal Park

“Thanks again for all of your help with this project, your team was very professional and I appreciate everyone being so accommodating and getting the job done so quickly.” -Kevin Parks of Wilson School District (about Wilson High School)

Kevin Parks, Technical Director – Wilson High School

“Spire is not only able to deliver a fantastic result, but they were also extremely personal, and have been helpful in training, repairing, and guiding us through our lighting needs.”

Worship Pastor Monty Seaman- Mongul Church

“Spire was able to create an incredibly immersive environment without distraction from lighting fixtures. Their selection of fixture placement and color really brought their work to life and I am very happy our ultra compact luminaries were chosen to create the magic.”

Quan Gan, Owner – Gantom Lighting and Controls

“(Members of Spire) were able to interpret what a non-technical person is saying, know how to fix it and articulate back the solution to me. That’s key. It’s nice, because not all technical people can do that translation.”

Toni MacDonald, Director of Marketing – Rosemont College