Hummelstown United Church of Christ – Hummelstown, PA


Spire AVL installed a new audio system for Hummelstown UCC.  The main requirement of the system was to conceal the speakers but to provide even coverage of the space.  The previous audio installation had utilized a speaker recessed at the back of the platform which covered a portion of the platform.  The result of this was coverage onto the front portion of the stage which caused feedback to happen easily when mixing for vocals.  The new speakers were placed on the side columns near the front of the platform.

A custom audio mixing solution was needed to allow the audio engineer to mix from anywhere in the house because the church does not use a Front of House tech booth setup.  We turned to QSC’s QSYS for this.  The powerful DSP allows for custom configuration of faders, EQ curves, buttons, presets, and gain knobs using a touch device.  Audio configuration is now faster than ever using presets to help the engineer determine what inputs are needed and what preset levels to start out to achieve an appropriate mix.