Lifehouse Church – Hagerstown, MD

Spire worked with Lifehouse Church to design a box trussing system capable of hanging lighting, projections screens, scenic elements, and soft goods/curtains at virtually any location above the stage. The existing laminate wood beams in the facility provided a great structure to use as pick points for the rigging and audio system components.

Spire AVL was challenged with the architectural design and the requested sound system functionality for the Lifehouse Church sanctuary. The coordination between the Spire team and the leadership team at Lifehouse was an instrumental part of the design. Listening to their needs and worship style lead to the success of the installation. The system design necessitated a Danley Sound Labs full range tri-amped sound system with Danley processing and amplification. The room definitely had its acoustical challenges, but choosing a speaker manufacturer that complies with specifications to have constant directivity made the challenge achievable. To achieve the SPL levels and coverage of the room three full range Danley SH96HO were flown to cover the exact positions for both stage and balcony level seating. The system was also equipped with two flown Danley TH118 subwoofers for the amazing low frequencies needed for their contemporary worship style. To supplement the masked high frequencies underneath the balcony seating, Spire installed eight Danley Nanos, which were tuned and delayed, to allow for transparent sound at all rear seating locations. Lastly, the Danley system was tuned with precise delicacy with SMAART software and expert ears.

“(Members of Spire) were able to interpret what a non-technical person is saying, know how to fix it and articulate back the solution to me. That’s key. It’s nice, because not all technical people can do that translation.”

Toni MacDonald, Director of Marketing – Rosemont College

“Thanks again for all of your help with this project, your team was very professional and I appreciate everyone being so accommodating and getting the job done so quickly.” -Kevin Parks of Wilson School District (about Wilson High School)

Kevin Parks, Technical Director – Wilson High School

“Spire is not only able to deliver a fantastic result, but they were also extremely personal, and have been helpful in training, repairing, and guiding us through our lighting needs.”

Worship Pastor Monty Seaman- Mongul Church

“Spire was able to create an incredibly immersive environment without distraction from lighting fixtures. Their selection of fixture placement and color really brought their work to life and I am very happy our ultra compact luminaries were chosen to create the magic.”

Quan Gan, Owner – Gantom Lighting and Controls

“Spire brought our auditorium into the 21st They assessed our needs and presented a solution that is user friendly and cutting edge at the same time. They have a knack for understanding the end user, in our case, senior citizens as well as our staff members.”

Yordanos Tela, IT Business Analyst – Rydal Park