Messiah College, Hostetter Chapel – Mechanicsburg, PA

Spire AVL worked with Messiah College to provide a permanently installed audio reinforcement solution for Hostetter Chapel.  The college hosts various events in the space.  These events range from meetings/lectures, banquets to movie presentations, and worship services.  A system was needed to fulfill all of the requirements of a multifunctional space.

Spire worked through many design iterations to get the system design and budget on the same page.  Fortunately, little to no design criteria was compromised in the end.  Because the CDD series by Martin Audio has class leading fidelity and a consistent coverage pattern (Coaxial Differential Dispersion™), Spire was able to create the most even and directional acoustical rendering for the space.  The goal of the system was to avoid side wall interaction.  With most of the space covered in smooth reflective surfaces, the goal was to avoid exciting the side walls with sound.  The CDD series allowed for that control.

Spire also provided a CSX 218 Subwoofer from Martin Audio to add low end reinforcement.  Spire also used the Martin MA5.2k amplifier because of its efficiency and compact footprint.  All of this coupled with a Biamp Nexia processor allowed for a flat room tuning and a system that is capable of most demanding needs in Hostetter Chapel.