Rosemont – Rosemont, PA

Presby’s Inspired Life approached Spire AVL with the opportunity to redesign the audio and video system in the Reosemont Auditorium.  The goal was to achieve cinema quality audio and video as well as a control interface that could be used by staff and volunteers alike.  Spire provided a much needed upgrade to their in house audio system by installing a new high quality ceiling speaker system and by tuning the room with a Real Time Analyzer (RTA).

For video, Spire installed a high quality, large venue projector and a tensioned screen.  For control, Spire built a custom interface that provides full control of the room from a single wireless touch surface which allows for full functionality and mobility in a simple form factor.  Following the installation, Spire training staff, provided in-depth training programs as well as on-site support.

“(Members of Spire) were able to interpret what a non-technical person is saying, know how to fix it and articulate back the solution to me. That’s key. It’s nice, because not all technical people can do that translation.”

Toni MacDonald, Director of Marketing – Rosemont College