Rydal Park – Jenkintown, PA

Presby’s Inspired Life recognized a need to refresh a space that was frequently used for:  vocal concerts, movie nights, and community events.  Presby relied on Spire to update the space from a technology standpoint.  Spire consulted on design elements such as lighting, control of window shades and curtains, technical furniture, multi-functional audio systems, distributed video, video recording and capture, and video projection.  To couple all of these systems, Spire worked closely with staff members and end-users to develop an iPad based control interface that allows for control of nearly every within the Rydal Auditorium.  Throughout the renovation, Spire adapted the system design as additional functional needs came to light.  As the interior renovation came to an end, the potential of the space was realized.

The revitalized space consists of a complete LED theatrical lighting system and LED house lighting system.  For audio, a point source system with a subwoofer was installed to allow for full range audio reproduction.  The installation of an automated camera allows the staff to record events in the room and then playback the footage over the in-house cable system.  The control system allows the staff to easily setup for an event by touching one button that lowers the window shades, closes the stage curtain, sets the lighting level, turns on the needed microphones, lowers the screen, and turns on the projector.  Spire provided in-depth training programs for the staff and end-users.  Spire remotely manages the system and assists in tweaking settings as needed which allows Presby to focus on their residents.

“Spire brought our auditorium into the 21st They assessed our needs and presented a solution that is user friendly and cutting edge at the same time. They have a knack for understanding the end user, in our case, senior citizens as well as our staff members.”

Yordanos Tela, IT Business Analyst – Rydal Park