St. John Vianney High School Theatre – Holmdel, NJ

Spire AVL worked with St. John Vianney High School to design a AVL (Audio, Video, Lighting) system.  When conversations first began with the SJVHS staff, the goal was to update the theatre both functionally and visually.  New technology systems were needed to help further theatre education at the school.  Spire also worked with the school to design new aesthetics and functionality for the space as a theatre consultant.  Spire worked with the school to renovate the theatre aesthetics, lighting system, and stage rigging as part of Phase 1.

Spire suggested that new downlight fixtures be installed over the seating and the flourescent troffers be removed.  The new house light fixtures needed to dim perfectly to 0% because they would be used during theatrical productions.  The fixture selection was the ETC GDS Pro One-Cell.  The seating is now lit with with approximately 30FC of light in comparison to the 10FC prior to the renovation.  The house lighting system came in at 0.4W/sq. ft and utilizes vacancy sensors that allow the space to power down if no movement is detected within 15 minutes.  When the system is in “Show Mode” the vacancy sensors become deactivated.

Spire designed the stage lighting system to be flexible and highly theatrical.  ETC’s ColorSource Spots and Pars were the selected fixtures because of their ability to do color tinting, saturated color, and smooth dimming.  The Elation SixBar was used as a cyc light fixture and offers RGBAW+UV color mixing.

For control of the lighting, Spire designed an ETC Paradigm system.  Paradigm Inspire button stations were installed at all primary doorways.  ETC Paradigm was integrated with a Crestron control processor and Crestron touchscreens.  The implementation of the touchscreens allows for varying levels of user access.  For example, students have access to the recorded presets, teachers have access to controls including color picker, and the administrator has access to the record feature in addition to the controls.  The addition of a touchscreen lockout prevents the entry stations around the room from being triggered during a performance.  Spire programmed the custom touchscreen GUI (Graphical User Interface) to allow for additions for A/V controls in the future.