The Meeting House – Sanctuary – Carlisle, PA

Spire AVL worked with The Meeting House to design a new lighting system for their main sanctuary.  When conversations first began with The Meeting House team, the goal was to update the atmosphere of the space by changing the lighting approach both on the platform and over the seating.

Spire suggested that new downlight fixtures be installed over the seating and the chandeliers be removed to make the space feel larger.  Spire along with the Interior Designer selected the new fixtures with a brushed aluminum finish.  The fixture selection was the Hubbell Prescolite MC10LED.  The seating is now lit with with approximately 30FC of light in comparison to the 10FC prior to the renovation.   In addition, new wall sconces were selected to match the finish of the downlight fixtures.  The selected wall sconces are Modern Forms Blade fixtures.

Spire had to re-imagine the platform lighting system as well.  The down light on the platform was lacking previously, and there was no good way to create a desireable backdrop on video.  Spire turned to LED Par fixtures, American DJ – 18P Hex.  The 6 color fixture allows for vivid color and pastel color at a reasonable price.  These fixtures created flexible color backlight on the platform.  Spire also installed new linear LED fixtures to light the stone in the cross recess.  Spire chose the Chauvet ColorBand T3 and added custom spread lenses.  Spire also installed distributed dimming to the existing ellipsoidal fixtures using Elation UNI-BARs.  To get DMX signal to the lighting postions, an ETC ColorSource Relay Transmitter and four ETC ColorSource Wireless Relays were installed.  

For control of the lighting, Spire designed an ETC Echo system.  Echoflex button stations were installed at all primary doorways.  Echoflex uses kinetic energy created from the button press to trigger a lighting preset.  The allows for a truly wireless solution.  EchoAccess was also installed in the tech booth to provide more detailed control for technical staff and volunteers.  The addition of a lockout station prevents the entry stations around the room from being triggered during a service.  The house light fixtures are dimmed via an ETC Smarkpack.