The Meeting House – Dillsburg, PA

Spire worked with The Meeting House church on their first site venue campus in Dillsburg, PA. Spire was tasked with designing a video system that would allow for video capture recording at the Carlisle, PA campus and then a playback system at the Dillsburg, PA campus.

Spire chose a PTZ video camera for the Carlisle campus along with using the existing Analog Way switcher, which then sends the video to a Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck where the video is captured on SSDs. At the Dillsburg campus, the video design includes two side screens with Digital Projection projectors. The center motorized screen plays content from the SSDs that contain the sermon video content. Also included in the design, is a switcher and a video matrix so various inputs can be assigned to the various outputs such as the confidence monitor, side screens, center screen, and lobby monitors.

“As we were setting up the video site, there were several people who had major reservations.  The quality of the recording and playback has made the sermon via video a minor issue in the grand scheme.  And the ease of use has made the whole system volunteer friendly. Thanks to Spire and BMD for the good equipment and integration to make this work well.”

Tom Hale, Technical Director – The Meeting House