Union High School – Rimersburg, PA

Spire AVL worked with the staff at Union School District to determine a strategy toward updating the outdated theatrical lighting system in their auditorium space.  The existing system consisted of a large floor mounted dimmer rack and an antiquated control system that was no longer functioning as intended.  In addition, the existing theatrical control console was using a proprietary lighting protocol and was not compatible with the industry standard, DMX.

A plan was developed that included a full replacement of the existing dimmer rack with a new wall mounted ETC Echo Relay panel.  This was a way to save significant cost and yet maintain control over branch circuit power to the LED lighting fixtures.  The lighting design allowed for extreme flexibility and color control.  For the front light, Spire chose the ETC Source 4WRD fixture because of its superior dimming using the internal DMX driver and its affordable price tag.  Spire recommended the ETC ColorSource PAR as the primary backlight fixture.  This fixture was selected because of its various lensing options, smooth dimming, accurate color temperature tuning, and wide color range.

For theatrical control, Spire turned to the ETC Element console.  Spire created custom Magic Sheets to simplify the user interface further and then provided an in-depth training session with the staff.  For simple control of the system, Spire installed an ETC Echo system with an EchoAccess which gives the staff the ability to control the entire system from a mobile device if desired.  In addition, Echo button stations were installed to quickly trigger frequently used presets and to make the system accessible to untrained users.