Whether you’re in a classroom, theatersanctuary or boardroom, communication is critical. This is why it’s so important to ensure the acoustics of your space are working for you and not against you. Poor acoustics will undermine even the best sound systems, leaving both users and attendees frustrated. Properly designed acoustics, however, can improve the audio clarity and intelligibility in a room as well as help lower the overall noise floor. Achieving good acoustics should be a priority for every project, and it starts by finding the right partner. Spire AVL has the knowledge and experience to seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetic, leaving you with a space that looks as good as it sounds.

The Importance of Good Acoustics

When approaching a design, good acoustics are key to a functional space. Every space will have unique needs and specific user functions that must be considered when designing the acoustics. A classroom or boardroom should have lower reverberation times than that of a live concert venue. However, even concert venues need to remain intelligible and be designed to negate low end frequency buildup which will impact any performance in the space.

Understanding the relationships between physical boundaries in a space, diffused and absorptive materials and room modes allows us to finely craft designs that are acoustically functional for our clients.  Excess noise has a direct proportional relationship to elevated levels of stress and noisy environments are often avoided for this reason. Because of this, many of our clients have found improving the acoustical environment of their restaurant, lobby, or even office space improves not only productivity of their own employees, but also the experience for guests and clients alike. Whether creating a comfortable atmosphere for your guests or an environment free of distractions for your employees, acoustics are the first step in achieving that goal.

Spire AVL: The Right Choice for Acoustic Consulting

At Spire AVL, we diligently work to stay on top of the latest trends and industry standards so we’re always able to offer acoustic solutions that fit our clients best. We work with our clients every step of the way, from consultation through design development to integration, we stand by our clients to provide the most innovative solutions to meet their needs and budget.

We are excited to bring our knowledge and expertise to your next project. Contact Spire AVL to learn more about our custom acoustic solutions today!