When it comes to audio systems, they’re not all created equally. If you’re looking at the audio options that are available for your facility, you may feel overwhelmed with the number of options you have. However, there’s no reason to feel that way. All you have to do is find an AVL company that has the expertise necessary to help you come up with the audio systems design that’s best for your location.

While that may sound easy, it can be challenging to find an AVL company that has something other than a sales-only mentality. When you work with an organization that’s only interested in making a sale, the result often shows a lack of adequate planning and creativity when your project is finished.

To avoid that, you should contact Spire AVL for your audio visual installation and system design needs. We don’t just sell things to our clients. Instead, we work with clients to design, provide, install and support audio systems customized for their locations.

The Importance of Quality Audio Systems

While you may only think that performance halls are the only venues that need excellent audio systems, various industries can benefit from a quality audio system. We are approached by a wide variety of markets about audio system design and installation, including:

No matter what environment or industry an audio system is used in, the system should produce powerful, clear audio, and our team can help by designing a system tailored to your space.

Types of Audio Systems

Spire AVL can help you determine which kind of audio system(s) is/are best for your space. We’ll ensure the audio system you buy is right for your immediate needs and that it’s scalable enough to handle your future needs.

  • Performance Audio Systems: A performance audio system is typically used in concert halls or church worship centers. These systems focus on equipment that outputs a wide range of frequencies to produce crisp sound at different volume levels in a large space.
  • Distributed Audio Systems: Distributed audio systems allow companies to communicate messages or play music or throughout a room, floor, or an entire building.
  • Recording Audio Systems: Recording audio systems enable users to record sounds such as lectures, readings, plays, and/or songs and play back and later manipulate the recordings.

We’ll make sure you do more than just purchase an audio system. We’ll ensure you make an investment in a commercial audio system that will pay you back many times over during the years you continue to use it and will last for at 10 years or more.


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