Have you ever attended a show that failed to deliver on that “wow” factor because the lighting was off or the quality of the sound simply wasn’t there? If you have, then you already know how critical having a composed, complete AVL system is. AVL systems don’t only fail in big theatrical and musical settings — they also fall short in day-to-day places like office meetings all the time.

Whether you’re producing a play or preparing to deliver a presentation to your coworkers, it’s vital that you have integrated AV control systems. When you’re choosing an AVL company, it’s important for you to consider the company’s ability to produce a building automation design that’s appropriate for your venue, whether you’re in Pennsylvania, Virginia or another location in the United States.

Purposes of Control and Automation Systems

Building automation design is just as important in Pennsylvania as it is in every other part of the country. That’s why we’re proud we’re able to design integrated AV systems in the metro DC area and across the nation. We’ve designed and installed integrated AV systems in Pennsylvania and locations throughout the country that serve many purposes for our clients.

Quality controls enhance AVL in a simple, streamlined manner and they’re easy for you to use. When you have good automated controls, it enables your venue to host composed performances and presentations that don’t include distractions caused by AVL equipment that’s difficult or cumbersome to operate.

Automated controls also enable you to keep your audience’s attention where you want it to be — on the stage or your presenter — for the right reasons, and not because someone is fumbling with your equipment.

Types of Control Systems

If you’ve spoken to building automation system design professionals in Pennsylvania or another location, they may have told you about the different kinds of control systems available for your venue. Of course, the type of control system that’s appropriate for your facility depends on a variety of factors, including the nature of your business and primary uses of your venue. A performance hall may need one type of system, while a corporate environment may require another one.

The main types of control systems that you might choose from include:

  • Automation: With automatic screen recessing and more, automation brings your performance or presentation to the highest level of professionalism
  • Remote management: Control the show from anywhere in the room with remote management of A/V and room controls
  • Lighting management: Automatically dimming lights when you begin your presentation – that is just one of the possibilities with lighting control automation
  • A/V presentation: All presentations in today’s era are dependent on seamless and quality sound and picture presentations


Here are some of the kinds of organizations that have used our building automation design services and how they’ve benefited from the custom solutions we developed just for them:

  • Performance Halls: Whether your performance venue is in New York or a local community building, our building automation system design can help your performances run smoothly from the moment people walk into the venue to the closing curtain.
  • Retail & Corporate Environments: Few things can ruin a professional image faster than a presentation riddled with hiccups caused by equipment failure. Keep your professional image intact by having us design and install a capable, custom control and automation system at your location.


What Spire AVL Can Do for You

With control and building automation systems being so critical to the success of organizations in so many different kinds of environments, why would you leave your system in the hands of just anyone? Get the quality you need and call the experts at Spire AVL to learn what we can do for you today!