If you run a theater or other performance venue, you know how important good stage rigging and curtain design is to the success of your venue. No matter where your performance hall is located — from major venues in New York and Washington DC or smaller scale community theatres in Central Pennsylvania — stage rigging and curtains design and integration are vital to your operation.

Because these things are so important to your ability to execute shows night after night and day after day, you need to find a company that has the expertise to work with you to create the rigging and curtains design that’s ideal for your venue.

Our team at Spire AVL consists of talented professionals who have various backgrounds in theatrical consulting. We keep up with the latest trends in the industry to ensure we can develop the most innovative, yet cost-effective solutions for our clients.

If you’re looking for stage rigging and curtains design and integration in Pennsylvania, Virginia or another part of the United States, we can create a dynamic solution for your venue that truly reflects your organization and its mission.

Purposes of Stage Rigging & Curtains Design

You may have used the same stage rigging and curtains for so long by now that you simply take them for granted. While your current setup may still be serving its original purposes, your performers and your audience members may be missing out on an enhanced theater performance if you don’t investigate new rigging and curtains design options in New York or wherever your venue is located.

Understanding the rigging and curtain designs available and choosing the right option will not only enhance the performances at your venue, but also help you put on streamlined shows. They can keep your audience members’ attention right where you want it to be: On the stage. 

Types of Rigging

If you’ve been researching stage rigging and curtains design and integration in Pennsylvania or another state, you probably know you have a variety of rigging options available for your venue. Some of these include:

  • Static rigging
  • Motorized rigging
  • Theatrical rigging
  • Automated window shades


It can be hard to pick the rigging that’s best for your location right now. Picking a system that’ll still be practical and efficient years from now is just as challenging. This is where our experts can help. Given our background in theatrical consulting and our knowledge of industry trends, we can help you pick a system that’s right for your venue now and one that will continue to be right for your performance hall in the future thanks to its scalability.

Spire AVL: Expertise You Can Rely On

At Spire AVL, we don’t just sell systems that have little design intent or merit. Instead, we work with you to develop an integrated solution that’s ideal for your venue. Our unified approach to working with our clients, our expertise, our commitment to our clients and our proven ability to support all of the items necessary to outfit a performance hall or theater are what set us apart.

If you want to work with a trusted partner to find the rigging and curtain design system that’s best for your venue, contact Spire AVL for a free consultation.